I am way happier than I should be.

This time for legit.

I should probably be dreading every moment of my continued existence but I just can’t fucking bring myself to care.

So anyway, the past few days have been really fuckin’ stupid, so to speak.  There’s this one Colonel and his Battalion that have come down to Voss, and are apparently there to reinforce us and aid us in our mission there.

Yeah bullshit.  You don’t send a full Battalion to “reinforce” a company-sized unit.  Command is up to something, and it smells like sithshit.

What makes it worse is that they are apparently Special Fucking Forces, and you know what that means!  A whole lotta bullshit is gonna get slung our way, and no one’s gonna give three shits because these Special Farces kids can get away with a lot.

It doesn’t help their Colonel isn’t the most charismatic Officer I’ve ever met.  The guy doesn’t have a really good Command Presence at all, hell he started justifying himself to me when I started questioning his actions.

What happened was two of my privates were getting into a little argument, and Colonel Highspeed totally blew it out of proportion and thought they were trying to kill each other, so he discharged his weapon into the air in the middle of the base.  When I went up to ask him about just why he skipped three of the five glorious S’s for handling situations like these (Shout, Shove, Show, Shoot to Warn, Shoot to Kill), he told me he felt it was the only way to breakup the fight.

I told him he was a moron.  You don’t DO that in front of enlisted soldiers!  You’re an Officer, your job is to be ABOVE that!  You set the example, and if your example is that of someone who whips out a blaster at every confrontation, your men will FOLLOW that example, and then we’ll be up to our gills in trigger-happy morons who don’t know the meaning of the word “Diplomacy” if it bit them on the ass!

So anyway, for his sake, I also called my men over and started smoking them, then and there, for the private’s stupidity, all the while lecturing this Colonel on how to discipline an enlisted soldier and just why his way was a pile of shit.  I also told him that if he was half the man he wanted to be, he would’ve gotten on the dirt and pushed with them, to own up to his mistakes and prove he was there to get shit done just like they were.

He didn’t.

I am disappointed in Special Forces.

So anyway, then Nea called me later that evening, and she was scared out her bejeezus-ass mind.  And I can understand now.  Turns out, her sith employer learned about us, and is trying to leverage this relationship to provide information.  The Ultimatum is this: A) Leave me and prove her loyalty to the Sith and specifcally him (even though she owes loyalty to no one), B) Get information out of me that can be used against the Republic or he’ll kill me, or C) Don’t do either of those and be killed, along with me.

Aint Sith just great fellas?

Anyway he’s basically proving my point that while the Sith Empire can be respectable, the Sith themselves are morons who take shit waaaaay too far.  You do not jump to threats of death in a situation you don’t like, which that guy did.

He also may’ve wanted to get some intel on me first, I’m a more important guy than I realize now that I think about it - or rather, I have important friends.  Not to mention all the other ways we can keep the deception up.  He made his attack, but he forgot to have any sort of insurance, save Nea’s fear.  Fear is very fragile security.

I’ll cover that shit later though.  Moving on for now, I held her and calmed her down and we talked, and she was afraid she’d have to leave me and I told her she wouldn’t and it kinda went on like that for a while.  She started saying she hated him for doing that to her, and I explained how she held no loyalty to him.

And then I told her I loved her again, and she said she loved me back.

And we kissed and we hugged and we sorta celebrated that moment before the emotional fatigue hit us both and we collapsed on my bed.

It was still a perfect moment.  God I love this woman.

It’s- I’ve never really been in-love before, now that I think about it.  I was always ready and willing to love someone, but was never really in-love.  The words were exchanged and the motions gone through, but nothing- ever- has made me feel the way I feel with Nea.

And that’s why this Sith can go suck a huge gigantic dick.

I have friends, good friends.  Master Ihlrath of the Marran Order and Master Nyomi of the same would certainly help in a mission against the Sith, and I’m sure my men wouldn’t be upset over a Sith threatening their PSG disappearing.  The Lieutenant’d be a bit concerned, as is his job, but moreso about the idea of taking on the Sith, rather than the political repercussions.

He’s declared war on us, and I’ll be damned if I don’t bring everything onto his head - if I’m forced to.

Time to start planning and making some calls.

I fucking love my job.