Je ne sais pas

Well the visions have been letting up lately.  So that’s good I guess.


Where to start?




[\_|_/] <—- Proper Sight Picture.

Okay so, it’s been pretty busy since I got back.  We’ve been doing a lot of patrols.  I think I spoke to Zentoyo once.  Got laid a few times, blah blah blah standard shit.

Oh!  Our buddies in the Marran, which is a more proactive group of Jedi have decided that we deserve some honors due to the aid we lent them on an op a while back.  They’re good people, particularly Masters Ihlrath and Nyomi, and are, in my opinion, quite devoted to the goals of the Republic.  So anyway they want to award us this thingy-bob, and we go down to the ceremony and it’s pretty High Speed and shit.  Master Ihlrath gives a speech, awarding us the Silver Mantle which purportedly hasn’t had a home within the Infantry for some time, and he stated how glad he was for it to find one again.  The entire unit received a custom citation from them, and it’s actually authorized for wear with our uniforms, so it won’t just be ceremonial.  Those of us actually performing the action also received a Blood Stripe.  That was pretty cool.

Master Alyrae is apparently doing better now too, and also trying to get it on with Master Ihlrath.  I’m a bit disappointed but…  Eh, she’s a Jedi, what’d I expect?  Ha.  Anyway I’m just glad she’s doing alright ever since that incident with the Sith and poison.  That was fucked the hell up and scared the shit out of me and…  Is also partly why I have this pile of shit now.  Huh.

7th’s been doing quite well as of late.  We’re expanding and growing further, picked up some good recruits who show good leadership potential, yadda yadda yadda.  HOWEVER, we do have our share of silliness.

PFC Ozakif was on a mounted patrol the other day in Voss’ka, and for some reason decided it was his god-given duty to stop random citizens.  Picked an Imperial Contractor by the name of Ty’nea.  Now, Ty’nea and I knew each other, we’d spoken some in the bar and I met her boyfriend and some gay Rattataki who was hilarious but creepy all at once, so suffice to say I was a liiiittle more miffed than I should have been when it turns out Oz not only stopped a random civilian in Voss’ka where we technically do not have any operational authority, but that that person was also a friend of mine.

So anyway I smoked the shit out of him for almost causing a massive diplomatic incident.  Nea insisted she coulda kicked his ass if she wanted to but I think that’s just bravado.  She’s tough, but I don’t think she could handle 3 soldiers without going for weapons, which woulda been baaaaaad.

Vy and Jerax finally told each other they love each other.  I can’t remember whether that happened before or after the “incident” now but I do remember how glad I was to hear they finally admitted it to one another.  God I love those two like siblings.

Anyway that’s all I got here.  I’m getting some good sleep and I met a nice ‘lek by the name of Tamiya.  All’s well so far.  It won’t stay that way, will enjoy it while it lasts.

[\_|_/] (\_|_/)       |/—/##P==     Bang bang.