Chillin’ ‘n’ illin’

So I’ve been real tired and have been preparing for my redeployment to my old unit lately, so I’ve been letting SSG Morgan, and SGT Astor and SGT Greysen sorta take over.  They’re all capable, they’ve learned well.  Astor and Greysen need to learn a bit more about squad tactics, but that’ll all come with experience.  I feel comfortable leaving these guys.

I don’t get to say that often.

I’m proud of my men, all of them, especially those who’ve been with us for a long time such as CPL Jayl, SGT Astor, SGT Greysen, 1LT Teral (who, while he may now outrank me, I saw grow from a freakin’ CPL), Advisor Johv, and Contractor Vyen’a.

I’m gonna miss ‘em.

However I did meet with Nea’s employer the other day.  It was not particularly pleasant.  He’s the typical “Oh look at what you made me do to you” type of sith, and it was not enjoyable how Nea completely fell for every single angle of deception he used.

She’s afraid of him, very afraid.  This concerns me.

I had an entire 9 man squad ready to file in as needed if he tried anything, so we didn’t have to worry - at all - about him overpowering us, there was no need to fear.  We had all the advantages, political, positioning, firepower, etc.  But Nea’s scared of him- damn scared, so she played by his rules.

And now all those advantages are lost.

She said she wanted to buy time - for us, and I told her it was time we could’ve taken.  She didn’t need to make a deal with the devil to get it, but she did anyway.

Again, because she’s scared.

I’m scared too.

I got frustrated, and that on top of my fear boiled over when Nea used MY NAME in front of the sith.  I- that caught me off guard, and I snapped at her.  Got too angry, too fast.  I saw the fear in her eyes directed at me and-

And she thought I was leaving her.

No.  Never.  Never ever ever ever ever.  I took her back to the base, and we went up to the ship after I introduced her to my superiors and some of my brothers in arms and we talked.  And- we had our little spat, our little disagreement, but now we’re stronger for it.  We both get each other more, we both trust each other more.  And I got past the name thing.

The name won’t mean anything if it’s spoken by anyone other than her, or someone I tell it to.  It won’t mean anything.  They don’t get it.  I only tell it to people who get it.  Maybe that’ll help the Psych-assholes who’re gonna read this at the end of the year.

Anyway, I promised her we’re gonna go on a vacation for a few days - just the two of us.  And it sounds damn good to me.  Gives the new NCOs a chance to grow and I get some time with the woman of my dreams, and everything will be safe and perfect like it was before the Sith decided to be an asshole.

Not even 10 more days.  Damn.